TVision Announces Participation in ARF Member Code of Conduct to Further Industry Trust and Transparency

TVision, the leader in TV engagement metrics, today announced its commitment to the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) newly created Member Code of Conduct. TVision uses cutting-edge technology to measure what was once unmeasurable - how people actually watch TV. The company’s national panel is 100% opt-in and TVision is committed to the highest levels of ethics and principles.

The Advertising Research Foundation recently released the Member Code of Conduct to its constituents across the industry: advertisers, agencies, technology companies, consultants, and research companies. The newly-created code lists specific principles including honesty, integrity, transparency, and trust, in regards to research participants, clients, and the industry at large.

“The Code of Conduct is meant to protect users from the moment data is collected to the moment data is released publicly. We aim to enforce this code through a cooperative industry system called the “Chain of Trust,” said Scott McDonald, President and CEO of The Advertising Research Foundation. “The Code of Conduct was developed in a rigorous and thoughtful process by a special committee. We expect to evaluate and adapt over time in an effort to respect consumer privacy, industry transparency, and - overall - commit to being ethical actors in the advertising industry. TVision is one of the first to announce its commitment to the Code.”


The Code of Conduct details nearly 100 items that participating companies must adhere to. These include items as simple as including a privacy policy, and as complex as a COPPA and HIPPA compliance. Key traits in the TV measurement space include ensuring participants have the right to terminate participation at any time, and PII is only collected with participant consent.

“TVision is providing the TV industry with new and compelling measurement data about how people watch TV, and doing so in an ethical and privacy-safe manner,” said Luke McGuinness, President at TVision. “Our panel is 100% opt-in and privacy-safe. We’re excited to announce our commitment not only to the ARF’s Code of Conduct, but also to being good actors in our industry.”

For more information, talk to the TVision team at ARF’s AUDIENCExSCIENCE on April 15, 2019.

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