Bloomberg Business Interviews TVision CEO

Originally published in Bloomberg

On the Tuesday, September 4 edition of Bloomberg Baystate Business we spoke with Jeffrey Berry, Professor of Political Science at Tufts, and Matt Murphy of State House News Service, about the primary election held in Massachusetts today. We had live coverage of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement before a Senate committee considering his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Bloomberg Law Senior Legal Editor Patrick Gregory joined us to provide analysis of the hearing. TVision Inights CEO Yan Liu told us about his company which helps refine TV ratings. Finally, we spoke with Joanna Glassner, and editor at Crunchbase, about their survey of colleges and universities based on the amount of venture capital raised by their graduates. Hosts: Peter Barnes, Pat Carroll, Janet Wu. Producer: Dan Pierce.

Jump to 51:50 to hear TVision CEO Yan Liu speak about the future of TV measurement.

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