TVision Insights Raises $6.8M, Advances TV & OTT Attention-Based Advertising Measurement Solution

TVision Insights Raises $6.8M, Advances TV & OTT Attention-Based Advertising Measurement Solution

Boston, MA – October  26, 2016– TVision, a next-generation attention measurement company for TV and Over-the-Top (OTT), has secured $6.8M in funding to expand operations as it elevates attention to the forefront of advertising measurement. The MIT-born company with offices in Boston, New York and Tokyo, will use the capital to further expand its single-source panel nationwide and grow its team.

TVision’s mission is to fix a broken part of the television advertising ecosystem. Television shows garner tens of millions of viewers. Brands and networks spend millions on incredible content to ensure those viewers are attentive. Yet, attention, the first step in getting viewers to engage, has never been measured. TVision captures attention data passively using sensor-based technology and algorithms to detect actual eyes-on-screen. This true measurement of engagement enables brands and agencies to optimize ad spend and networks to improve programming content.

“With media consumption fragmenting across platforms and second screen engagement while watching traditional television high, there is clearly an industry need for a more accurate, more granular understanding of viewer behavior,” says Jane Clarke, Managing Director and CEO of the Coalition For Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). “TVision is at the forefront of bringing innovative technology to address this need and advance the very notion of audience measurement.”

TVision arms both sides of the marketplace with the information they need to make more insightful decisions. With this new measurement solution TVision enables:

  • Planning for Attention - Media teams can use attention metrics to make planning decisions and secure the most attentive audience.
  • Measuring Brand Impact in Real-Time- Brand managers can accurately monitor and optimize for brand ROI metrics such as awareness and recall - in real-time. Without having to wait for survey results, now advertisers can take action immediately to improve campaign performance.
  • Making Context - Aware Decisions - Media teams can measure the alignment of message, moment, and medium with their target audience to make context-aware decisions about which spots to run where and when.

TVision captures and reports on viewer attention across 285 channels and 99% of the content on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, including originals.

The $6.8 million funding round is lead by Accomplice. Golden Venture Partners, Jump Capital, Project 11, and ITOCHU Technology Ventures also participated in the round.

“TVision provides an important solution for next-level analysis to an industry that is desperate for new and better ways to measure audience attention,” said Ryan Moore, partner and founder at Accomplice. “Yan and his team offer the TV industry and advertisers a solution to make high-value programming and advertising decisions based on data they simply did not have before.”


About TVision

TVision is a next-gen audience measurement company pioneering the way brand advertisers, TV networks and OTT platforms measure attention. The company's core technology uses data science and computer vision technology to passively measure “eyes on screen attention” at a person level to video advertising and programming. Founded by MIT alumni and a Northeastern University professor, the company is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in New York and Tokyo.

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