TVision Launches ‘TVision Audiences’ via the LiveRamp Data Store —Delivering Person-Level TV Engagement Data for Targeting & Analytics

Brands & Agencies can use TVision to reach TV audiences with 100% Opt-In and Privacy-Safe Data

New York --  September 16, 2019  -- TVision, the leader in performance metrics for TV advertisers, today announced the availability of TVision Audiences throughout the digital video and advanced TV ecosystem, via the LiveRamp Data Store. TVision Audiences is a first-of-its-kind dataset that empowers brands with person-based TV data tied to actual engagement with TV advertising and content.  

Content airing is not the same thing as content being seen.  Using cutting-edge technology, TVision measures what was once unmeasurable – how people actually watch TV.  TVision Audiences empowers marketers to create campaigns based on real viewer engagement with specific TV content. For example, an Automotive advertiser can now target highly relevant digital video campaigns to audiences that paid attention to their ads during the televised broadcast of the NBA Playoffs.

“Reaching unduplicated audiences with CTV and digital video requires precise data about who has actually seen the ads on linear TV,” said Mike Baker, CEO of dataxu. “TVision’s unique approach to TV data collection is providing us with unparalleled granularity into when people have actually been exposed and engaged with TV advertising.”

“Before TVision, advertisers could only make guesses and assumptions on TV viewing habits,” explains Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “Until now, the industry’s current approach to TV-based targeting on digital was out of step with the data-driven approach marketers have come to expect from their digital campaigns. With TVision Audiences we are providing much smarter, more impactful and optimized digital video and advanced TV targeting for brand advertisers and their agency partners.”

TVision Audiences provides true engagement data so that advertisers can go beyond tuning with:

  • Person-level TV watching data - TVision is the only TV performance measurement company reporting on person-level engagement with content.
  • Attention and Viewability data - With TVision advertisers know which ads are truly viewable and who is paying attention, second-by-second.
  • All TV Viewing, including Streaming / OTT - TVision’s technology measures all TV watching, including streaming devices and applications.  


“While the volume of available TV data has grown in recent years, the granularity of that data has not kept pace with digital, and so neither has its impact,” continued McGuinness. “With TVision Audiences, brand advertisers gain access to detailed TV Viewability and Attention data — from a source that is 100% opt-in and privacy safe. Our data enables advertisers to better manage reach and frequency across screens, competitively conquest, and target based on actual ad and content engagement data, all based on person-level data. We’re pleased to partner with LiveRamp to bring this data to market, as they are a partner that shares our high standards for data ethics.”

"In an ecosystem driven by data, it is more important than ever that the data is high quality and trustworthy. High data quality will be a clear driver of differentiation in the eyes of marketers, especially in a post-GDPR, post-CCPA, cross-platform world," said Timur Yarnall, co-founder of Neutronian." It's also clear that TVision is determined to be a leader in this area and Neutronian is pleased to be actively engaged in helping to validate their work."

To read more about why TVision Audiences is the next wave of TV data innovation, visit T.Vision/audiences.

TVision Audiences
TVision Audiences