TVision Launches ‘TVision Streaming Analytics’ Revealing Shifts in TV Watching via Always-On OTT Measurement Solution

Networks, OTT Providers, and Brands Can Finally Access Person-level OTT Data Across Streaming Devices and Services (AVOD and SVOD)

New York --  August 9, 2019  - TVision, the leader in TV performance metrics, today announced the availability of its TVision Streaming Analytics solution measuring OTT viewing behavior. The new solution further enhances TVision’s OTT measurement — providing granular metrics of streaming content across leading platforms. By capturing second-by-second, person-level viewing behavior from streaming activity, TVision is creating highly sought-after, person-level behavioral analytics of a shifting TV landscape.

According to eMarketer, by 2022 more than 58% of the US population will subscribe to OTT video content services, such as Amazon, Hulu, and Roku. However, the market - brands, networks, and even content providers - has been challenged to measure this shift given incomplete data about audience engagement and content consumption.

TVision’s Streaming Analytics data provides person-level metrics about streaming — at the program, application, and device level.

Illustrating TVision’s unique person-level streaming insights, TVision’s data shows that for the Amazon Original Series “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan,” 22% of July’s streaming views were individuals re-watching episodes - likely linked to the upcoming release of Season 2. In addition, the show’s co-viewing rate was only 15% - below typical co-viewing rates for original streaming content - indicating high solo viewership.

At the device level, TVision also identifies streaming app usage across specific OTT devices. For example, households with Chromecasts spend a greater percentage of their time watching YouTube (23%) than households using Roku devices (14%).

“The streaming of TV content is quickly transforming the media industry, but so far holistic measurement to truly understand consumer behavior has been unavailable,” said Howard Shimmel, President of Janus Strategy & Insights and former Chief Research Officer of Turner Broadcasting. “With TVision Streaming Analytics, industry leaders gain a more complete view - to guide advertising and content decisions based on data about who’s in the room, what they’re watching, and how they’re watching it.”

TVision’s Streaming Analytics service empowers brands, networks and OTT providers with data that impacts investments, content creative, and advertising spending. The data includes:

  • OTT Platform Performance - TVision’s data indicates which devices, applications, and programs are succeeding in capturing viewers and engagement.
  • Consumer Trends & Insights - Identifies at the person-level how audiences consume and engage content on OTT.
  • Person-level, Second-by-second measurement - Analysis of tuning, Viewability and Attention for specific OTT content and services.

    “Better data leads to better decisions,” said Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “Given the stakes of a fast-changing market, industry players can’t afford to be in the dark when it comes to OTT. Being better informed about shifting media consumption trends at the person-level provides a competitive edge - which is critical to sound decision making for anyone interested in streaming video.”
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