TVision Q3 TV Attention Report: Top TV Engagement for the Summer Season

Person-Level Attention Data is a Valuable Resource for Reaching Coveted Audiences and Measuring Sponsorship Value

TVision, the leader in measuring eyes-on-screen attention to every second of programming and advertising on television, today released its Q3 2018 Eyes-On-Screen TV Attention Report.

“Most brands are making their TV buys based on the broad demographic information they’ve used for decades,” explains Luke McGuinness, President and Chief Operating Officer at TVision. “TVision’s unique data gives advertisers the additional insight they need to make more informed decisions based on actual user engagement. Leading brand advertisers are leveraging TVision to plan media for environments with high engagement, measure which spots are wearing out, and drive greater media ROI.”

Key insights from the Q3 report can inform marketers’ media campaigns

  • Relevant sponsorships deliver greater engagement - The MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby viewers paid 32% more attention to ads for the weekend’s official baseball sponsors — Mastercard, T-Mobile, Chevrolet and Lincoln — than to other brands that advertised during the events.
  • Attention data is a powerful tool for finding coveted audiences - “The Bachelorette” (ABC) viewers are a coveted audience for advertisers. Knowing what they pay attention to “after the final rose” helps advertisers find the best value for their ad buys. According to the data, the best shows to find “The Bachelorette” audience are: “The Bachelor” (ABC), “The Voice” (NBC), “America’s Got Talent”(NBC), “The Proposal” (ABC), and “American Idol” (ABC).
  • Attention varies by demographics - A second-by-second analysis of a T-Mobile commercial shows how content influences attention. In a highly relatable ad (for parents), a couple walk the beach and find their child at a party - women paid 23% more attention to this ad than men.

The CW was the top performing network for primetime attention in Q3 2018, powered by a strong performance from “The 100,” one of the few scripted dramas running new episodes on network television in the quarter. The other top broadcast programs for attention included: “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” (NBC), “Single Parents” (ABC), “American Housewife” (ABC) and “Young Sheldon” (CBS).

The Top Cable Shows in the quarter were: “The Great Food Truck Race” (Food Network), “The History of Comedy” (CNN), “Pose” (FX), “Kennedy” (Fox Business), and “Deadliest Catch: The Bait” (Discovery Channel).

GoodRX, Aflac, Exxon Mobil, CoolSculpting and Walgreens were the top five brands who broke through, as measured by their Creative Attention Score.

TVision’s quarterly report continues to shed light on the larger trends in person-level TV engagement. It reveals which brands, ads, and networks generated the most attention during the summer season, as well as several key strategies for marketers to capture their target customers’ attention.

About TVision’s Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report
All rankings and attention data are based off of TVision’s proprietary technology and panel. The company’s computer vision technology passively measures eyes-on-screen attention to content. The opt-in panel has installed proprietary, privacy-safe hardware & software allowing for passive monitoring of their television viewing behaviors. The result is person-level measurement data reported second-by-second. Media buyers and sellers both use TVision’s attention data to make smarter decisions around messaging, media plans, programming, and targeting.

The data in this report was collected from June 25, 2018 - September 30, 2018, from panelists across the United States. To view the full report, contact us.

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