TVision Releases TV Engagement Report for Second Half of 2019

Report Includes Ad Attention and OTT Content Analysis

Co-Viewing, Bingeing and Attention Data from TVision’s Streaming Analytics Platform Shows How OTT Content Performs

New York - February 11, 2020 - TVision, the leader in TV engagement metrics, today released its H2 2019 TV Engagement Report. The report recognizes the brands, commercials, and TV / OTT content that best captured viewer engagement.

“The one universal constant underpinning premium video is attention. Getting it, retaining it, validating it, and getting it again next time,” explains David Cohen, former President of MAGNA and current TVision advisor. “For decades, we have used a legacy measurement tool to create a surrogate for attention. It was called a rating, and delivered us insights into programming that quantified viewership. We now know that ratings are not necessarily correlated with consumer attention, and today we have far more valuable tools in our arsenal.”

TVision’s TV Attention data help brands, networks and OTT providers identify the most valuable content - the best places to advertise, the best programming on streaming networks, and the most appropriate ways to engage with special events and live programming. Some highlights from the second half of 2019 include:

  • TV Viewer Attention Varies Depending on When and Where an Ad Runs- Viewer attention fluctuates greatly across network and daypart. Some networks have Attention percentages as high as 52.5%, while others saw just 29.7% of their ads receive two or more seconds of eyes-on-screen Attention. At the program level, the difference is even more dramatic, with the top programs delivering 68.4% Attention and others delivering just 13.3%.
  • Attention to TV Increases with Age - On average, Americans 65-and-older paid the most Attention to TV ads (44.1%). Viewers 18-and-under paid the least attention (32.7%).
  • Top brands for H2 2019 - For the second report in a row, e-cigarette brand JUUL had the highest overall Ad Attention, with Grammarly, Apple, and Inifiti also cracking the top 10.
  • UPS Scores the Top Overall Ad - While Ad Attention measures if viewers are in the room, Creative Attention Score (CAS) measures a TV commercial’s ability to grab viewer Attention, as compared to the other content that it runs adjacent to. By this measure, the most effective ad of H2 2019 was The UPS Store's comedic “Part of the Family” ad, which is broken down in detail in the report.
  • NBC’s “Perfect Harmony” and TruTV’s “Practical Jokes:Inside Jokes” scored at the top for Ad Attention in primetime on Broadcast and Cable respectively - CBS’ “The Code” and FX’s “The Weekly” scored highest for Ad Attention in the second half of 2019.
  • PoliticalNews Captures Attention As Primary Season Kicks Off - With politics at a fever pitch, TVision analyzed the way viewers engage with primetime political shows on CNN, FOX News and MSNBC. These shows beat industry averages for Attention, a fact that may be attributable to their older-than-average audiences.


TVision’s H2 2019 Report Includes New Measurement Data on Streaming Content

For the first time TVision’s report includes data from its Streaming Analytics platform, covering how people consumed streaming content in the second half of 2019.

  • The Netflix animated series Mighty Little Bheem” was the most bingeable show with 82.7% of content consumption coming from viewers who watch three or more episodes in a single sitting.
  • Several Netflix Programs Succeed at Capturing Attention - TVision’s Attention Index—which compares the Attention viewers pay to a given show against the average for all TV, including linear— is an effective tool to help brands and producers identify the most valuable content. Netflix captured four of the five top spots on the list, with “Magic for Humans” leading the way.
  • Apple TV+’s “For All Mankind” was the most co-viewed program on streaming in H2 2019.


“With Upfront season upon us, Attention are necessary metrics to understand the true value of an ad opportunity. TVision’s data provides insight across linear and OTT to help the industry understand how viewers truly engage with what’s on their TV screens,” explains Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “Our Streaming Analytics data is unparalleled in terms of the insight and clarity it brings to this critical, and critically under-measured, growth area for the industry.”

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TVision’s Methodology & Metrics

TVision measures Attention and eyes-on-screen Attention for every second of programming and advertising on television. Every time a person walks into the room, our technology detects who the viewer is, where they are in the room and what their eyes are looking at. We do all this without personally identifying individual users, and without transmitting any images or videos. The data for this report was collected from July 1 to December 31, 2019, from 5,000 homes across the United States. All data is weighted to represent the country. All demographic data was self-reported by the respondents.

H2 2019 Report
2019 H2 Report