Upfront 2021 Planning: Find your audience where they pay attention

As the industry prepares to invest north of $18 billion during the TV and CTV Upfront season, advertisers are looking for every advantage to make sure that their investments are impactful. But, as consumers of TV, we all know ads are sometimes shown to audiences who are simply not paying attention.

That's why tip number two in our Upfront planning ebook - Six Things Advertisers Need to Know this Upfront Season -  focuses on ways to optimize for viewer attention across daypart, network and programming. Here is a sneak peak at the data and insights you will find in the eBook. 

Existing planning methods to account for this variance in audience engagement, such as paying higher prices for Primetime programming, do not account for the significant nuances in how people watch TV. 

Our data shows that attention varies dramatically across dayparts, networks, and programming-- in fact, there are networks and programs across all dayparts that deliver higher attention, and usually at lower costs, than some Primetime spots.

In this chart, we illustrate the significant variances between high and low attention media. For example, there is a 25% difference between the most attentive TV program and the least.

Not all Impressions are equal 1


Savvy marketers can use attention data in their Upfront planning & negotiations to more accurately value media opportunities, and ensure they’re directing budgets to impressions where their ads may actually be seen by people in the room.

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