Upfront 2021: Show Me the Value

As we approach the pinnacle of the 2021 Upfront with presentations by Disney, ViacomCBS and Fox set for the next week, it's important to consider the right way to value and prioritize advertising investments in programming.

Ratings have long served as the primary currency during the Upfront. But we all know that ratings only tell part of the story. In today’s distracted environment, ratings alone don’t mean people are in the room, paying attention.

In tip number 3 in our Upfront planning ebook - Six Things Advertisers Need to Know this Upfront Season -  we provide marketers with a look into the top shows that deliver both ratings and attention. 

A few shows that deliver both audience size and attention are obvious investment opportunities:

  • The Bachelor
  • The Conners
  • Young Sheldon 
  • NCIS

Download the eBook to see our full chart of top shows. Some programs will surprise you with their placement in our chart - as a few ratings powerhouses fail to deliver strong attention, despite audience size. 

By layering TVision’s person-level engagement data on top of ratings, advertisers can make the most of their Upfront investment by finding shows that truly deliver on the promise of a large and engaged audience.

Download the eBook to learn more.