Variety: Shifting "The Office" to Peacock: A Second Look at the Data

By: Kevin Tran  // Monday, March 15th, 2021  - 6:00am


NBCUniversal’s decision to move “The Office” from Netflix to their own streaming service, Peacock, was certainly a strategic move, capable of driving new signups for the paid service. But did viewers really follow?  

Our TVision data shows a drop in show ranking as measured by viewership across all streaming platforms. But some of this drop was surely expected as Peacock is a much smaller platform than Netflix.

Variety's Kevin Tran put together a holistic look at the impact of moving “The Office” - using TVision's data, as well as insights from subscription sign ups and mobile downloads. Read Kevin's story on Variety to understand how the move from Netflix to the new Peacock platform impacted viewing of the iconic TV series "The Office."

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