The Weather Channel Differentiates with Attention

The Weather Channel (TWC), already America's most trusted news source, is well-positioned to be advertisers' trusted partner as well. But, in an increasingly competitive TV environment, and with ratings in question as an exclusive metric for valuing TV in the changing viewer landscape, TWC sought additional data sets to effectively articulate the true impact and value of its ad inventory.

As JT Peace, Associate Director of Ad Sales at TWC explains, "We know that our audience is more intentional and more engaged across all dayparts than our news and lifestyle competitors."

Intuitively this makes sense, as viewers engage with weather-related news stories to prepare for the day - no matter if storms are coming or clear skies are predicted. But The Weather Channel needed data to prove the engagement level was higher.  TWC turned to TVision's Linear TV Platform and Attention metrics to identify important differentiators compared to competitors. TVision's attention data shows that:

  • Viewers of TWC pay 8% more attention than viewers of the average live news programming;
  • They pay 27% more attention to TWC's original programming than other lifestyle networks 
  • And they pay 34% more attention to TWC's premiere morning program, than other morning shows running across broadcast and cable. 

    Attention Data Supports TWC Sales Efforts

Peace recently joined The Attention Council's Publisher Summit, where he further discussed the importance of Attention data in their sales process.  TWC's sales team knows that brands and their agencies are using Attention data to inform business decisions, and increasingly looking at attention as a metric to transact on. As a result of their partnership with TVision, the TWC team is ready with the attention data that proves it's a premium, high-value investment. 

Tune into this recording of The Attention Council's Publisher Summit to hear Peace expand on how TWC is using TVision data to appropriately value and position its programming headed into the Upfront season and beyond. 

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