Talking Future of TV Measurement with Media Brain

Yan Liu, CEO of TVision, sat down with Mark Green of Media Brain to talk about the future of TV measurement. Yan addressed some of the most compelling issues facing the TV eco-system today, including:

  • Measuring CTV - Yan says that streaming TV accounts for as much as 25% of all time spent viewing, for CTV enabled households. The industry needs transparent and effective ways to measure CTV, across apps and comparing with linear TV.
  • Attentive CPM (aCPM) - aCPM is a new metric that allows marketers to effectively compare performance across all platforms and understand the true value of an ad - since advertising only works if people are paying attention.
  • The changing measurement landscape - With Nielsen's MRC struggles, and major industry leaders from networks to brands and agencies calling for new and alternative currencies (including aCPM), Yan breaks down the measurement landscape, including how sophisticated marketers are able to incorporate attention data into MMM and other measurement approaches. 


Check out Yan's full interview at Media Brain. 



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