AdAge: NBCU Cites TVision as a Viable Alternative to Nielsen for Calibration Panel Data

“Nielsen and TVision both have relatively the same coverage across markets, and the sample sizes are very close in terms of total size, which won’t make that big of a difference in terms of accuracy for how the industry is using this data to model people,” NBCU said in a statement to Ad Age.

AdAge Editor Jack Neff gives an update on the industry’s progress in exploring alternatives to Nielsen’s near-monopoly for US TV ratings in his feature, “ANA readies pilot of Nielsen TV panel alternatives that will likely include Kantar.” He examines how ANA’s pilot will push the adoption of big data sets calibrated by panels which are critical to accurate person-level measurement for TV.

Neff points out that panels are still an important part of future measurement solutions, as they help measurement providers understand who is actually in the room watching TV, something that is difficult to estimate with only household-level data.

Neff writes, “Panels also can help overcome bias in big data sets that can lead to minority or lower-income households being undercounted.”

While Nielsen has maintained that the size of their panel is a differentiator, Neff highlights NBCU’s analysis which found the size of Nielsen’s panel is muted by lower in-tab rates and the requirement that households push a button and ID who is watching. In comparison, TVision’s own passive system is able to maintain data from nearly the entire panel.

Read Neff’s entire article here.

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