Person-Level TV Data

The advertising industry is demanding more granularity in TV measurement. Marketers require person-level TV data that matches digital-style clarity so that they can understand true reach and frequency. This is the objective of the MRC standards and the WFA’s efforts to break the deadlock on cross-media measurement. 

Meet advertiser demand by combining TVision’s person-level panel data with your own household-level data in order to project individual behavior across other similar homes.

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How Do Partners Apply TVision's Data?

With Advanced Audience Projections, TVision's second-by-second person-level data is integrated with census data to provide the full picture of actual TV viewership and engagement.
TV Attribution
Tie person-level ad exposure data to outcome data with significantly greater accuracy.
Cross-Platform Measurement
Meet MRC and WFA standards for comparative measurement across TV and digital.
Reach and Frequency
Understand unduplicated reach and frequency as well as incremental reach for specific viewers.

Quantify the value of co-viewing in the room when the ad and content aired.

Help clients eliminate waste by going beyond household data

With TVision's person-level data advertisers make more informed decisions to effectively reach their target audience. 


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