The CTV Shows That Engaged Audiences in January 2023

In our monthly look at CTV programming performance, we identify the top new, episodic shows for Share of Time Spent, Co-Viewing, Attention, and Binge Watching. 

Kicking the year off, Netflix once again tops our list of shows for Share of Time Spent, making a clean sweep of the top five spots with new original programming that dropped in January. As Netflix continues to promote its ad-supported model, advertisers will be paying close attention to how they can best reach viewers across the rapidly changing CTV landscape. Learn must-know trends to make the most of the growing CTV opportunity in our new State of CTV Advertising Report.

Want to know more about what America is paying attention to? Check out the top linear TV shows and CTV apps for ad attention.

The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Share of Time Spent - January 2023

Our Share of Time Spent metric measures the total time viewers spend with a program as a percent of all viewing for new, original episodic CTV content during the time period.  "Ginny & Georgia" topped the list as its much anticipated second season premiered in at the beginning of January. It was joined by the new miniseries, "Kaleidoscope," which intrigued many audiences with its unique concept of episodes that can be watched in any order. 

Program  Application Share of Time Spent
Ginny & Georgia Netflix 12%
Kaleidoscope Netflix 9%
Emily in Paris Netflix 6%
That '90s Show Netflix 5%
MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street Netflix 4%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Attention Index - January 2023

Our Attention Index identifies how viewers paid attention to programming compared to the average linear program, and is a good indicator of the strength of programming and its ability to keep people in the room.  For the second month in a row, Apple commanded three of the top  five spots—this time with "Mythic Quest,"  "Truth Be Told," and "Slow Horses."

Program  Application Attention Index
Mythic Quest Apple 157
Truth Be Told Apple 153
Fauda Netflix 152
Slow Horses Apple 152
Women at War Netflix 149


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Co-Viewing Rate - January 2023

These are the shows that viewers watched together in January 2023. Our Co-Viewing Rate measures the percentage of time viewers watched the program with more than one person in the room. TVision's person-level insights enable measurement of CTV co-viewing and can provide brands and apps with accurate co-viewing multiples. Hulu's new adult cartoon series, "Koala Man," topped the list followed by the fourth season of "Fauda." Disney+, which often sees high co-viewing rates, made the list with its new "National Treasure" series.

Program Application Co-Viewing Rate
Koala Man Hulu 69%
Fauda Netflix 68%
National Treasure: Edge of History Disney+ 65%
Women at War Netflix 63%
The Snow Girl Netflix 63%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Binge-Watching Rate - January 2023

These are the programs that viewers were most likely to consume in sessions of three or more episodes at a time. Similar to our co-viewing list, another adult cartoon "Paradise PD" led the way for January's most binged show.

Program Application Binge Watch Rate
Paradise PD Netflix 64%
Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre Netflix 52%
Bling Empire: New York Netflix 48%
That '90s Show Netflix 46%
The Traitors Peacock 45%

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