The CTV Shows That Engaged Audiences in March 2023

In our monthly look at CTV programming performance, we identify the top new, episodic shows for Share of Time Spent, Co-Viewing, Attention, and Binge Watching. 

Similar to last month, CTV viewers spent the majority of their time watching thrillers. Many of the same Netflix shows that captured the highest share of time spent in February maintained their lead into March. We saw one notable addition to the list, as Netflix's popular new action thriller, "The Night Agent," took the number one spot.  As a result, Netflix reclaimed its clean sweep of the top five shows for share of time spent. Tense shows also kept viewers' eyes on the screen. Hulu's true crime docuseries, "Stolen Youth," topped the list for attention.  Keep reading to see which other CTV shows engaged viewers.

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The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Share of Time Spent - March 2023

Our Share of Time Spent metric measures the total time viewers spend with a program as a percent of all viewing for new, original episodic CTV content during the time period.  In March, the top five shows where CTV viewers spent the most time all came from Netflix. Their new hit thriller, "The Night Agent," which was recently ranked as one of most popular Netflix shows of all time, topped the list. It was closely followed by "You" along with three other thrillers and mysteries that carried over from last month's list.  

Program  Application Share of Time Spent
The Night Agent Netflix 10%
You Netflix 10%
Outer Banks Netflix 8%
Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal Netflix 7%
Perfect Match Netflix 5%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Attention Index - March 2023

Our Attention Index identifies how viewers paid attention to programming compared to the average linear program and is a good indicator of the strength of programming and its ability to keep people in the room.  In March, Hulu's docuseries about the Sarah Lawrence college cult, "Stolen Youth," commanded the highest viewer attention with AppleTV's new series, "Dear Edward," following just one point behind it. 

Program  Application Attention Index
Stolen Youth Hulu 159
Dear Edward Apple 158
Truth Be Told Apple 146
Poker Face Peacock 143
Shrinking Apple 143


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Co-Viewing Rate - March 2023

These are the shows that viewers watched together in March 2023. Our Co-Viewing Rate measures the percentage of time viewers watched the program with more than one person in the room. TVision's person-level insights enable measurement of CTV co-viewing and can provide brands and apps with accurate co-viewing multiples. TVision often sees that family programming tops the list for co-viewing, and March was no exception. "Gabby's Dollhouse," which recently premiered its seventh season, led the way. It was followed by another animated series, "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder," on Disney+.

Program Application Co-Viewing Rate
Gabby's Dollhouse Netflix 80%
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Disney+ 75%
Hello Tomorrow! Apple 67%
Karate Sheep


National Treasure: Edge of History Disney+ 55%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Binge-Watching Rate - March 2023

These are the programs that viewers were most likely to consume in sessions of three or more episodes at a time. In March, hit Korean drama series, "The Glory," was the most-binged show. It dropped its much-anticipated Part Two mid-month, which included eight new episodes.  

Program Application Binge Watch Rate
The Glory Netflix 59%
Unstable Netflix 58%
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Disney+ 57%
Agent Elvis Netflix 53%
Gabby's Dollhouse Netflix 51%

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