The CTV Shows That Engaged Audiences in September 2022

In our monthly look at CTV programming performance, we look at the top shows for Share of Time Spent, Co-Viewing, Attention, and Binge Watching. 

Typically Netflix, with its incredible Household Reach, is well-represented across these lists. While that is still the case, it is notable that both Amazon and Disney+ had programs that landed in the top five for Share of Time Spent. Both programs, "Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power" on Amazon, and "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" on Disney+ are much-buzzed-about. Certainly, that buzz is contributing to audience viewing levels. 

Want to know more about what America is paying attention to? Check out the top linear TV shows and CTV apps for ad attention.

The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Share of Time Spent - September 2022

Our metric "Share of Time Spent" measures the time the total audience spends with a program as a percent of all viewing of original episodic CTV content for the time period.

Program  Application Share of Time Spent
Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix 12%
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon 11%
Cobra Kai Netflix 8%
Devil in Ohio Netflix 7%
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Disney+ 6%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Attention Index - September 2022

Our Attention Index identifies how viewers paid attention to programming compared to the average linear program. CTV programming in general outperforms linear, but it is good to see that shows that migrate to CTV from Linear are still holding viewer attention - as is evidenced by The Kardashians' s continued strong performance on Hulu. 

Program  Application Attention Index
Kleo (S1) Netflix 162.4
Entrapped (S1) Netflix 159.8
The Brave Ones (S1) Netflix 154.4
Bad Sisters (S1) AppleTV 151.4
The Kardashians (S2) Hulu 149.9


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Co-Viewing Rate - September 2022

These are the shows that viewers watched together in September 2022. Our Co-Viewing Rate measures the percentage of time viewers watched the program with more than one person in the room. TVision's person-level insights enable measurement of CTV co-viewing and can provide brands and apps with accurate co-viewing multiples. 

Program Application Co-Viewing Rate
The Lørenskog Disappearance Netflix 71%
Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist Netflix 68%
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power  Amazon 67%
Echoes Netflix 65%
Locke & Key Netflix 64%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Binge-Watching Rate - September 2022

These are the programs that viewers were most likely to consume in sessions of three or more episodes at a time. Typically our Binge-watching list includes 30-minute programs and light, funny fare, such as Mindy Kaling's "Never Have I Ever."

Program Application Binge Watch Rate
Wedding Season (S1) Netflix 53%
Five Days at Memorial (S1) AppleTV 45%
Designing Miami (S1) Netflix 45%
This Fool (S1) Hulu 45%
Never Have I Ever (S3) Netflix 43%

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