December: Top Shows, Brands, and Ads

Green Eggs and Ham was December's Most-Binged OTT Program and NFL Shop was the month's Top Ad.

TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data. Below is the full list of December's top programs, brands, and ads, as ranked by TV Ad Attention, and Streaming Analytics data.

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Top OTT Programs, by Attention Index

Attention Index measures how effectively a specific program keeps a viewer’s eyes on the TV screen while the viewer is in the room with the TV on.

Program  Application Attention Index
 Magic for Humans (S2) Netflix 131.0
The Expanse (S4) Amazon 122.3
The Man in the High Castle (S4) Amazon 121.1
Marvel's Runaways (S3) Hulu 120.7
The Crown (S3) Netflix 119.5


Top OTT Programs, by Co-Viewing Rate

Co-Viewing Rate refers to the number of impressions with more than one person in front of the screen.

Program  Application Co-Viewing Rate
John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch Netflix 56%
Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (S1) Netflix 45%
Sugar Rush Christmas (S1) Netflix 44%
The Mandalorian (S1) Disney+ 44%
The Man in the High Castle (S4)  Amazon 33%


Top OTT Programs, by Binge Rate

Binge Rate measures the percentage of episode views where the viewer has watched 3 or more episodes in a single session. 

Program  Application  Binge Rate
Green Eggs and Ham (S1)  Netflix 54%
Reprisal (S1) Hulu 47%
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (S1) Disney+ 42%
Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (S8)  Netflix 38%
Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (S1) Netflix 37%


Top Shows, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see an ad - calculated as the percentage of ad impressions where a viewer was in the room for two or more seconds.

Last month, CBS's 48 Hours took the top Broadcast spot. On cable, HGTV took 4 of the top 5 shows, with House Hunters International at the top of the list.

Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, BROADCAST
TVision Performance Metrics, December 2019

Program  Network  Ad Attention (%)
48 Hours CBS 96.0%
The Conners  ABC  94.2% 
Batwoman  CW  91.2% 
Young Sheldon  CBS 90.5% 
Modern Family  ABC 90.3%


Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, CABLE
TVision Performance Metrics, December 2019

Program  Network  Ad Attention (%)
House Hunters International HGTV 94.6%
Flip or Flop HGTV 94.3%
Bargain Mansions HGTV  92.3%
My Lottery Dream Home HGTV 90.9%
The Real Housewives of Dallas BRAVO  90.0%


Top Brands, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see - how often consumers are in the room when a brand ad airs. The brands with the best Attention scores are making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program and daypart level. These brand ads are airing when their audiences are staying in the room during ad breaks.

Top Brands by TV Ad Attention
TVision Performance Metrics, December 2019

Brand Ad Attention* (%)
Dyson 78.3%
American Petroleum Institute 78.0%
Makers Mark 78.0%
Waterpik 77.7%
Daily Harvest 77.5%


Dyson closes the year strong by topping the Ad Attention list for December after coming in second place in November. Not far behind were American Petroleum Institute with Makers Mark, Waterpik, and Daily Harvest finishing the top 5. While these brands were best at planning for a viewable audience, Attention only tells half the story.

Top Ads, by Ad Attention

To identify December's top ads for Attention, we analyzed Creative Attention Score (CAS), also known as "Creative Breakthrough". These are the brand ads that drove the greatest audience engagement - isolated from the effects of media placement. We identified the top ad overall, as well as for men and women. You can watch the second-by-second analyses for each of these top-Attention ads below.

December's Top Ad - OVERALL
NFL Shop - 'Show Your Colors'
(111.2 Creative Attention Score): This fun commercial for NFL Shop topped all ads for December! The commercial is a case study in how fast cuts, music, and relating to consumers with team pride can drive Attention.


December's Top Ad - MEN
Sonic Drive-In - 'That's a Wrap'
(109.8 Creative Attention Score): That's a wrap! That's a car! This cheesy commercial had male viewers eying up Sonic Drive-In's new Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap.


December's Top Ad - WOMEN
Oral-B - 'On The Fence'
(112.3 Creative Attention Score): Wondering if an electric toothbrush is right for you? Oral-B has you covered.



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