March 2021: Top Shows, Brands, and Ads

As the streaming wars heat up, March 2021 was a big month for Netflix.  Not only did its shows lead the pack for engaging viewers, but the brand's own ads also ranked in the top spot for capturing audience attention.

When it came to streaming content, shows from Disney+, Peacock, and Amazon Prime narrowly prevented a clean sweep by Netflix across all categories (Co-Viewing, Binge Rate & Attention Index).  Meanwhile, B Positive on CBS captured the best Ad Attention for broadcast TV.

In March 2021, ads from Dawn, HEARTGARD Plus, and Applebee's performed the best at breaking through and capturing audience attention. 

Below are the top performers according to our data across advertising, and broadcast, cable, and streaming content. 

TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data. Brands can improve the impact of every ad by optimizing media placements and creative for attention and engagement. To learn more about our data and how to best leverage it, contact us.

Top Streaming Programs, by Co-Viewing Rate

Co-Viewing Rate refers to the number of episode views with more than one person in front of the screen.

maxresdefault-4 nadiya-bakes-netflix WandaVision_-_Logo_oficial sggkh+[[lxx_9_378_383_8_muochl_mvg[wmn[zkr[e3[C805vQhtDYWV7zJyzMwnXCTFK_B[ZZZZYwXRcXzJt1]3dj8SIkNIzXzSB0JSafGkqBS4sXxuDpU6yaDl7lcd_yhTrFBD0ZLibIfJxttK MV5BOTliNzhjYTItMzlmZS00NzE5LTllOTQtOWFhYTY4N2I5MmExXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTMxODk2OTU@-_V1_
66% 66% 64% 64% 64%


Top Streaming Programs, by Attention Index

Attention Index measures how effectively a specific program keeps a viewer’s eyes on the TV screen while the viewer is in the room with the TV on. If you are wondering how attention impacts subscribers, take a look at the TVision Q1 2021 Streaming Report, available now.

These were the top Streaming shows for Attention this month.

Picture1-2 Zero Chill 18945_motorlat-f1-la-temporada-3-de-drive-to-survive-ya-tiene-fecha-de-estreno-v20-2 1612811298_347_Temporada-1-de-Behind-Her-Eyes-fecha-de-lanzamiento-de-1 98176_big
160.3 147.3 137.2 136.7 136.1


Top Streaming Programs, by Binge Rate

Binge Rate measures the percentage of episode views where the viewer has watched 3 or more episodes in a single session.

AAAABRJqb85CKRiyQOm6xr73e5OnI3bHfsD-2J1UEs_IvOwzedEypv4lRj9ngp5t46KWoy-fqODT9iq4cvJtvtqlKGWHJtV-l0cmFJdRPMcv4VMQfi8955jNODsaRQpt Paradise-PD-Logo-1 AAAABZnL63RKZ90axvX-mmJ7euJ1Pmwp875xlzAEx0WOLyBVjpPO0oaxs76mSqQKzXhGgw8NNrhRk6IAkOL8xq1Nf-F_cIokLiVudsHQ 494853571b187fb2cc93dabfd2fdddfb maxresdefault-3
70% 61% 55% 54% 52%


Top Broadcast Shows, by TV Ad Attention

TV Ad Attention measures how effectively an ad or ads held viewers’ attention while they aired. It is measured as the percentage of all ad impressions in which the viewer was looking at the TV screen for two or more seconds. CBS's B Positive was number one for primetime broadcast Ad Attention in the month.

B Posotive Young-Sheldon-Season-2-key-art-logo-CBS-TV-series-740x416 1200px-American_Housewife_Logo-svg Logo_Open_2LinesBW-01-1024x385 mom-cbs-streaming-online
1176px-CBS_logo.svg 1176px-CBS_logo.svg ABC 1200px-Fox_Broadcasting_Company_logo_(2019).svg 1176px-CBS_logo.svg


Top Cable Shows, by TV Ad Attention

TV Ad Attention measures how effectively an ad or ads held viewers’ attention while they aired. It is measured as the percentage of all ad impressions in which the viewer was looking at the TV screen for two or more seconds. MTV's Floribama Shore was number one for primetime Cable Ad Attention in the month.

Floribama_Shore_Main-Title 1392660525595 MTV-TC-LOGO-ViacomCBS-MTV-Sticker-Printful-BlackLettering_1024x1024 Dinner_Impossible_foodn_logo Tucci_keyart_Wall_Vertical_dated_72dpi-1
200px-MTV_Logo.svg Food_Network_New_Logo 200px-MTV_Logo.svg Food_Network_New_Logo CNN-Logo
51.2% 47.5% 47.2% 47.1% 46.8%


Top Brands, by TV Ad Attention

The brands with the best ad attention scores are leveraging strong creative and making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program, and daypart level.

NETFLIX 1280px-Apple_TV_Plus_Logo.svg


Apple_logo_black.svg Febreze-Logo
43.4% 42.8% 42.4% 41.9% 41.8%


Top Ads for Creative Attention Score

TVision's Creative Attention Score measures how well an ad breaks-through to capture attention compared to other ads in the same pod. March's top ads include:

Top Ad for CAS Overall -  Dawn - 'Use Dawn’s Superior Grease Cleaning Formula All Around the House'

Top Ad for CAS Female -  Heartgard Plus - 'Invisible Threat'


Top Ad for CAS Male - AppleBees - '$1 Bonus Boneless Wings'


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