March: Top Shows, Brands, and Ads; Changing Viewer Behaviors

Those of us in the TV advertising industry have been closely observing how the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing are impacting TV viewing. Our March 2020 TV engagement metrics offer guidance for advertisers who must optimize their ad plans in this new environment. 

Viewers are Watching More TV but at Different Times

Many parts of the country are several weeks into social distancing due to COVID-19 and we’re seeing some significant changes in TV viewing behavior.  What’s on the TV is being impacted, with live sports canceled, but people are also changing how and when they consume TV content.  TVision’s data shows that people are watching more TV but at different times of the day.  Noon TV attention increased by nearly 50% when we compare the week of March 8 (before social distancing orders hit many states) and the week of March 29, when the majority of Americans were being encouraged to stay home. In the same time-period attention increased by 8.5% in the already highly-viewable 8 pm hour. 

Households are Co-Viewing at High Rates

The show lighting up social feeds recently has been Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness”, and we see it in the third spot on our OTT Co-viewing list for March.  Co-viewing means that two or more people in the household are watching together. With so many people staying home we are seeing co-viewing rates edge higher overall. In the previous four months the top ranked co-viewed shows averaged 70.25% co-viewing, whereas, in March 2020, all of our top five co-viewed programs were above 77%. Here are the top five Co-Viewed programs for the month. 

Top OTT Programs, by Co-Viewing Rate

Co-Viewing Rate refers to the number of impressions with more than one person in front of the screen.

Program Application Co-Viewing Rate
Babies (S1) Netflix 88%
Narcos: Mexico (S2) Netflix 82%
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (S1) Netflix 82%
Hunters (S1) Amazon 81%
The Chef Show (S3) Netflix 77%


TVision Engagement Metrics Help Optimize TV Ad Spending

Advertisers use TVision’s TV engagement data to optimize plans and react to changes in content and priorities. TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data. Below is the full list of March's top programs, brands, and ads, as ranked by TV Ad Ad Attention, and Streaming Analytics data.

To learn more about our methodology, specific shows, or the breakdown by demographics or daypart, contact us and we’ll help you find the data you need.

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Top OTT Programs, by Attention Index

Attention Index measures how effectively a specific program keeps a viewer’s eyes on the TV screen while the viewer is in the room with the TV on.

Program Application Attention Index
Unorthodox (S1) Netflix 160.5
The Chef Show (S3) Netflix 150.6
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (S3) Amazon 148.2
Altered Carbon (S2) Netflix 142.2
Hunters (S1) Amazon 142.1


Top OTT Programs, by Binge Rate

Binge Rate measures the percentage of episode views where the viewer has watched 3 or more episodes in a single session. 

Program Application Binge Rate
The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (S1) Netflix 46%
All American (S2) Netflix 43%
Gentefied (S1) Netflix 42%
Paradise PD (S2) Netflix 41%
The Chef Show (S3) Netflix 36%


Top Shows, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see an ad - calculated as the percentage of ad impressions where a viewer was in the room for two or more seconds.

CBS' Young Sheldon captured the highest Ad Attention among primetime programming on Broadcast. On Cable, HGTV's My Lottery Dream Home took the top spot.

Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, BROADCAST

TVision Performance Metrics, March 2020

Program Network Ad Attention (%)
Young Sheldon CBS 82.6%
Will & Grace  NBC 80.5%
Mom CBS 79.6%
Prodigal Son FOX 79.5%
FBI CBS 79.4%


Top Programs by TV Commercial Attention, CABLE

TVision Performance Metrics, March 2020

Program Network Ad Attention (%)
My Lottery Dream House HGTV 86.0%
Schitt's Creek POP 83.0%
I am Jazz TLC 81.6%
Bar Rescue  Paramount Network 81.6%
Beachfront Bargain Hunt HGTV 81.0%


Top Brands, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see - how often consumers are in the room when a brand ad airs. The brands with the best Attention scores are making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program and daypart level. 

Top Brands by TV Ad Attention

TVision Performance Metrics, March 2020

Brand Ad Attention*(%)
Apple iPhone 75.3%
Esurance 73.6%
Netflix 72.8%
Salonpas 72.7%


Apple’s iPhone ad recorded 75.3% Attention for this time period. Esurance and Netflix also had strong months. While these brands were best at delivering their ads to a viewable audience, Attention is only part of the story. Getting the audience to pay Attention to the ads is the ultimate goal. 

Top Ad, by Ad Attention

To identify March's top ad for Attention, we used our Creative Attention Score (CAS), to determine how well the creative breaks through. These are the brand ads that drove the greatest audience engagement - isolated from the effects of media placement. We identified the top ad overall.

Tide - 'Don't Pay for Water, Switch to Tide' (111 Creative Attention Score) performed best at capturing the attention of TV audiences: This commercial tackles a current situation, that more people in the house means more cleaning, and says that Tide's got you covered.  Clearly it’s a message that resonates with audiences.



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