Maximize Ad Campaign Performance with Attention Guarantees

In our four-part series, Top Tips for Attention, we share tried and true best practices for how to build smarter campaigns and optimize performance using attention metrics. 

In the final installment of our four part series we explain how marketers can set up and measure Attention Guarantees in order to ensure that their ad campaigns are optimized to deliver the most value, while reaching highly engaged audiences. 

What is an Attention Guarantee?

  • Attention Guarantees optimize media plans toward content where audiences are in the room when the ad is aired.
  • Most Attention Guarantees are based on viewability metrics. The media buyer and seller commit to a vCPM (viewable CPM).
  • vCPMs are determined based on historical performance of ad viewability rates for networks, dayparts and programming.

The media seller guarantees viewable impressions, and tracks performance against this deliverable throughout the campaign, optimizing placements as needed to achieve agreed upon viewability rates.

Three Steps to Set Up an Attention Guarantee:

  • Outline your budget scenarios with network partners -Use TVision’s viewability metrics for the network’s inventory, including channel, daypart, programs and demographic data to rank potential placements based on viewability (low, average, good or great).
  • Create the media plan -  Collaborate with the networks on a media plan using traditional inputs including impressions, audience demographics and programs. Use TVision’s viewability metrics as a benchmark in formulating a plan that is optimized for viewability.
  • Negotiate a vCPM After reaching agreement on a standard CPM, negotiate a viewable CPM, which is total spend divided by viewable impressions.

    To learn more about how innovative brands, agencies and networks are working together to successfully implement Attention Guarantees, read this case study in AdAge about Anheuser Busch, Dentsu and A&E.

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