The Top Ads for Attention in June 2022

Visible from Verizon tops June advertisers with the highest Creative Attention Score 

Kudos to Visible by Verizon! The low-cost wireless phone provider's ad "No Paying for Stores" told a clear story about exactly how the company could charge less for high-quality service - no overhead costs related to physical stores. The narrative kept viewers engaged better than any other ad in June, notching a Creative Attention Score of 115.4 across all audiences P2+.

As a reminder, our Creative Attention Score measures how well an ad engages viewer attention compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. It is an excellent measure of the creative strength of an ad. Advertisers can access Creative Attention Scores, and second-by-second performance for any TV ad in TVision's SAAS platform, Ad Scoreboard.  Our clients find this data helpful for optimizing campaigns in-flight, as they can better understand which ads perform best with key audiences, control for frequency, and avoid ad wear-out.

Chevrolet's "The Future is Right in Front of You" Wins Top Ad for Males

This 30-second ad from Chevrolet tells a cute and endearing story of a father fielding questions from his young child. He's able to explain the future with Chevrolet's hands-free driving, but he gets stumped by a question about fish. Clearly many men could relate, as the ad scored especially well with men - registering a 109.4 Creative Attention Score.


Macy's Father's Day Ad - "Celebrate that Style" Captured the Attention of Females in June 2022. 

Macy's sweet ad about how personal style is handed down from father to son over generations hit the right notes to capture attention from females - likely Father's Day gift shoppers. The ad posted a 108.4 Creative Attention Score in June. 


Burger King's "2 for $5 Chicken Fries" Tops with 18-34-Year-Olds in June 2022


When it comes to winning the prized 18-34-year-old demo, Burger King enticed the audience with its Chicken Fries deal. The ad featuring a pricing promotion kept the attention of the notoriously hard-to-engage 18-34-year-old TV viewers. 


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