The TV Shows and Apps that Delivered Ad Attention in April 2022

While CTV continues to rapidly increase its share of TV viewing, most viewing time is still spent on linear TV - and by a wide margin. That's why advertisers will continue to pump billions of dollars into linear TV inventory in 2022 and beyond. How do advertisers find the right programming to maximize their linear TV ad investments? TVision's attention rankings provide a quality metric to understand the real value of programming - afterall, we know that ads work best when people are paying attention. 

But as mentioned, CTV advertising is growing and becoming a critical part of advertisers' media mix. That's why we also provide a list of the top Ad-supported apps that best deliver Attention each month. 

TVision's Ad Attention metric measures how well a program keeps viewers' eyes on the screen during commercial breaks. 

On Broadcast and Cable, long-time favorites like Charmed (CW) and Young Sheldon (CBS) as well as Beat Bobby Flay (Food Network), and MTV's Teen Mom 2 make their respective Top Five for April 2022.

When it comes to App Ad Attention, Peacock is the leader among ad-supported video on demand apps and FAST apps. 

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Top Primetime Broadcast Programs for Ad Attention - April 2022

Many of the Primetime Broadcast programs that deliver high ad attention month after month also consistently capture strong ratings - such as Young Sheldon on CBS.  Advertisers should consider these shows as a way to reach a large, highly engaged audience.

Program Network Ad Attention
Charmed CW 47.6%
Young Sheldon CBS 46.8%
The Neighborhood CBS 46.1%
Station 19 ABC 45.8%
Ghosts CBS 45.7%


Top Primetime Cable Programs for Ad Attention - April 2022

Ad Attention on cable is generally higher than attention on broadcast as viewing audiences are typically smaller and more intentional. As was the case last month, all five of the top Cable programs captured attention better than the top-performing Broadcast show. 

Program Network Ad Attention
Chad TNT 52.1%
Beat Bobby Flay Food Network 51.1%
Teen Mom 2 MTV 50.2%
Hometown HGTV 50.2%
Naked and Afraid Discovery 48.8%


The Top AVOD Apps for Ad Attention - April 2022

Here we look at the AVOD and FAST apps that deliver the highest Ad Attention for 30 second ads in April 2022.  Peacock and Hulu lead the way.

Application Ad Attention
Peacock 36.5%
Hulu 33.9%
Paramount+ 30.1%
Roku 30.0%
Pluto TV 28.2%


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