The TV Shows and Apps that Delivered Ad Attention in December 2022

In our monthly reports for Broadcast and Cable TV ad attention, we examine episodic Primetime programming.  We also provide app-level Ad Attention for the major CTV apps, including dMVPDs. To make the list, apps must meet a threshold of 1% share of time spent in our panel. Ad Attention is a metric that helps advertisers understand the relative value of placements across CTV and Linear.

TVision's Ad Attention metric measures how well a program keeps viewers' eyes on the screen during commercial breaks. The average ad attention for linear television is 36.5% and 34.5% for CTV.

Want more data? Check out the top shows for attention, co-viewing, bingeing, and share of time spent on CTV.

Top Primetime Broadcast Programs for Ad Attention - December 2022

There are several shows that make our list month in and month out, proving that their content and story-telling keep viewers engaged - that includes "Bob (Hearts) Abishola" on CBS and "The Conners" on ABC. The hour-long "Chicago Med" on NBC impressed with 50.8% ad attention. Typically longer-format programming has a harder time maintaining ad attention, as there are more opportunities for viewers to disengage. 

Program Network Ad Attention
Chicago Med NBC 50.80%
Home Economics ABC 50.10%
Bob (Hearts) Abishola CBS 46.80%
Coroner CW 46.30%
The Conners ABC 45.80%


Top Primetime Cable Programs for Ad Attention - December 2022

"Yellowstone", the acclaimed drama that simulcasts on CMTV and Paramount Networks is the first program to make our list across multiple networks. Viewers are most engaged on CMTV at 52.2% ad attention, but Paramount Network also delivers ad attention far above the norm at 46.5%.

Program Network Ad Attention
Yellowstone CMTV 52.20%
George & Tammy Paramount Network 49.40%
Love & Marriage: Huntsville Oprah Winfrey Network 47.20%
Yellowstone Paramount Network 46.50%
Bering Sea Gold Discovery Channel 45.30%


The Top AVOD Apps for Ad Attention - December 2022

Here we look at the AVOD and FAST apps that deliver the highest Ad Attention for 30-second ads in December 2022.  The dMVPD Sling delivers ad attention at 37.5% out-pacing event the linear average. We see dMVPDs often deliver higher ad attention perhaps because they most closely mimic the linear viewing experience. 

Application Ad Attention
Sling 37.50%
Peacock 35.70%
Hulu 33.20%
YouTubeTV 31.30%
The Roku Channel 30.90%


TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report