TVision Releases 2019 TV Engagement Report, Sharing Ad Attention Metrics across Top TV Brand Advertisers and TV Programs

TV Engagement variance revealed across Industries, Demographics, and Dayparts. Sports championships, award shows, and even political events analyzed - with brands like Volvo, Dr. Pepper, Dawn, GE, Quicken, Juul, and more showing top TV engagement

New York - August 15, 2019 - TVision, the leader in TV engagement metrics for brands and networks, today released its H1 2019 TV engagement Report for the first half of 2019 (T.Vision/H1Report). The report identifies the brands, creative and TV content that scored highest for Ad Attention and best captured viewers’ Attention. 

“As we know, all impressions are not created equal. All impressions are not necessarily viewed by human beings that are attentive, receptive and ready to buy your product or service,” explains media industry leader and TVIsion advisor, David Cohen. “Understanding TV Attention allows us to move beyond the ‘opportunity to see’ and understand who is actually seeing our ads in-market. It gives us a second-by-second view and allows us to look at our television investments in a similar way to digital video. It allows us to plan better, optimize better and extract the greatest value from our investment. It will also provide a solid foundation for the duration-weighted currency that the industry is moving toward.”

For brand advertisers and networks, TVision’s TV Attention percentages help identify the most valuable ad placements. Within the new 2019 TV engagement report, actionable insights - measured at the person-level from every second of TV content in the first half of 2019 - uncover top TV engagement, across brands and networks. Some highlights include:

  • Brand Industries, Demographics, and Dayparts Impact TV Engagement - With 150+ brands featured in the study, a number of factors drive a wide variance across Ad Attention. There were top-performing brands across all industries, with Healthacre and Insurance advertisers achieving some of the highest TV Attention.
  • Volvo created the most engaging ad in H1 2019 - With a Creative Attention Score (CAS) of 114.0, Volvo’s ad - inspired by E.E. Cummings - successfully captured the feelings of escape and adventure that their luxury sedan is meant to inspire. TVision reported a “second-by-second” analysis for the Volvo ad, as well as for an Attention demographic breakdown for a recent McDonald’s ad featuring Uber Eats.
  • Top brands for H1 2019 - E-Cigarette brand JUUL had the highest overall Ad Attention, edging out more established brands like Levi’s, Humana, and Dodge, while Healthcare brand Cologuard captured the Ad Attention best in H1 2019, just ahead of Mazda and T-Mobile. 
  • Brands leading their respective industry for Ad Attention - Johnnie Walker (Alcohol), Dodge (Automotive), Apple (Consumer Technology), S.Pellegrino (CPG Food & Beverage), Navage (CPG Health), Febreze (CPG Home), DIOR (CPG Personal Care), Stitch Fix (DTC), Mastercard (Finance), Humana (Insurance), Vanda (Pharma), Starbucks (Restaurant), Levi’s (Retail), T-Mobile (Telecom) and Comfort Inn (Travel).
  • In late night, NBC topped the charts - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Seth Meyers were tied for Ad Attention, while Saturday Night Live boasted the highest Ad Attention rates, followed closely by CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
  • Top primetime shows for TV Attention in 2019 - CBS’ NCIS:The Cases They Can’t Forget and SYFY’s The Magicians, which had the top Ad Attention on Broadcast and Cable, respectively. 
  • Also featured were ad performance for H1’s live events: including the Super Bowl, March Madness, The Triple Crown and the first Democratic Debates.


In the report, TVision previewed data from its new Over The Top (OTT) Streaming product, TVision Streaming Analytics, which reports person-level streaming intelligence at the device, application, and program level. Streaming Analytics reports unique, person-level metrics like co-viewing, re-watch, and binge rates. TVision also previewed its new audience targeting product - providing TV engagement audience segments for retargeting on digital video and OTT. 

“TVision’s advanced technology provides data that has never been available to the market before,” explains Luke McGuinness, President of TVision. “This report, and the data it contains, illustrates the type of performance metrics now available to advertisers and networks. With it they gain a clearer picture of what’s actually happening in the living room when programming and advertising air.” 

To read TVision’s full H1 2019 TV Engagement Report, visit: T.Vision/H1Report


TVision’s Methodology & Metrics

TVision measures Attention and eyes-on-screen Attention for every second of programming and advertising on television. Every time a person walks into the room, our technology detects who the viewer is, where they are in the room and what their eyes are looking at. We do all this without personally identifying individual users, and without transmitting any images or videos. The data for this report was collected from January 1 to June 30, 2019, from 5,000 homes across the United States. All data is weighted to represent the country. All demographic data was self-reported by the respondents.

TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report