Partners with TVision to Power an Alternative Currency for Measuring TV

iSpot uses Person-Level Demographics and Co-Viewing Metrics from TVision's Panel to Calibrate Their Solution and Provide an Accurate Measure of Who is Really Watching TV

As the TV industry looks to move beyond arcane measurement systems into a future that supports accurate CTV and cross-platform measurement, visionary companies are racing to develop alternative currencies for the buying and selling of TV media. Foundational to any of these measurement solutions is an accurate, person-level understanding of who is watching TV., which reports on both TV ads and program impressions, is at the vanguard of new TV measurement solutions. In fact, NBCU recently recognized it as a front runner in their Measurement Look Book

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(Source: NBCU's Measurement Look Book, page 17)

TVision is proud to partner with to provide person-level calibration data from the TVision panel and support's development of an alternative currency for TV. 

A critical aspect of’s overall measurement solution is demo-specific projections and co-viewing data.  TVision, which operates a passive, opt-in panel is able to provide person-level data for who is watching both TV programming and ads. This data is delivered overnight and used to calibrate's larger household-level data set so that they can provide immediate, and accurate reporting on audience size. 

With TVision,

  • Reports on person-level demographics at scale - overlays TVision's age and gender TV viewership data to's existing household-level data. We all know that different members of households watch different types of programming. With TVision's person-level panel data, is able to calibrate their data set to correct any false assumptions inherent in household-only viewing data. 
  • Accurately reports co-viewing to determine true audience size - Because TVision directly observes who is in the room watching the TV, our data also empowers to reflect the true audience size and account for multiple members of a household who may or may not be watching the TV. 

With the help of TVision’s data, supported NBCUniversal’s audience verification initiatives for both ads and program ratings. These currencies were tested during the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and the Super Bowl LVI. In early testing, was able to accurately report a co-viewing rate as high as 1.8 for portions of the NFL championships. By accurately capturing the true size of the viewing audience, enables its network, agency, and brand clients to fully understand the value of programming and content. 

Sean Muller, CEO and founder of explains, “By calibrating our extrapolated household-level demographics to data from TVision’s panel we can provide person and demographic level data. Their co-viewing data is an important and necessary component to our solution and our support of NBC’s programming for The Olympics and the Super Bowl.”

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