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July 2023 Edition


Our Special Monthly Look at CTV Content & Viewer Trends

July 11, 2023

Welcome to the July 2023 edition of the TVision Signal Report. Think of it as an extended edition of our weekly TVision Power Score. In addition to sharing insight into the shows that are performing best across streaming apps, we're taking a deeper dive into the viewer and content trends shaping the future of the CTV landscape. Want to find out which programs and apps are drawing in audiences and keeping them engaged? Or how the rise of streaming has impacted linear TV viewing? Keep reading to find out!

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Top 20 CTV Shows of the Week

Kicking things off, we'll look at the shows and movies that are ranking highest according to our signature TVision Power Score. Here are the shows that topped the Power Score list during the Holiday week of Monday, July 3  through Sunday, July 9, 2023 thanks to their ability to both attract viewers and hold their attention throughout the show.

The TVision Power Score

Ranking the Top CTV Shows for 7/2 - 7/9
This Month
Previous Month
Rank Decrease
Rank Increase
Trending Up
Source: TVision Total View

The critically acclaimed "The Bear" on Hulu returned for Season 2 and shot to the top of our CTV Power Rankings in its second week, swapping spots with Disney+'s "Secret Invasion."  Significant buzz for "The Bear" also propelled Season 1 into the Top 5. The "Suits" investment continues to pay off for Netflix with three seasons in the Top 20. 

The Shows With Power Score Staying Power

 Curious to see which shows kept viewers engaged from week to week? Here is a roundup of the CTV shows that remained on the TVision Power Score Top 20 in June for the most consecutive weeks.

TVision Signal Charts_June-ConsecutiveWeeks_v2 


The Apps Producing Engaging Content

There was no shortage of great CTV content for viewers to watch in June, but one app far surpassed all others for the sheer number of shows to rank on our Power Score. With 13 shows hitting the TVision Power Score Top 20 in June, Netflix topped the list.

TVision Signal Charts_June-Show#s

Top 20 CTV Movies of June 2023

Want to know which of this year’s movies are best engaging viewers across all apps? Here are the movies that topped the Power Score list in June.

The TVision Power Score

Ranking the Top CTV Movies for June 2023
This Month
Previous Month
Rank Decrease
Rank Increase
Trending Up
Source: TVision Total View

Netflix landed three of the top four spots in our CTV PowerScore for Movies in June 2023. The 2013 Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston movie "We're the Millers" dropped on Netflix June 1 of 2023 and shot to number 4 on the list. Catch it soon, as it's only available until July 31. Meanwhile,  "Extraction 2", and "Extraction," both on Netflix, took spots 1 and 2 on the list.

In total, Netflix placed 7 movies on the list and Disney+ and Peacock each had 5. 

Viewers Watch Both Linear and CTV

While cord-cutting gets a lot of attention a close look at viewer behavior data reveals that many viewers are watching both linear and CTV. The majority of viewing households (53%) watched a combination of linear and CTV, while 28.1% only watched TV through CTV Apps, and 18.9% watched exclusively through broadcast sources.

Source: TVision Total View
You can see that Streaming, Cable and Linear are all well-represented in panel households. In the month of June, Cable had a slight lead over Streaming. Most households are alternating between all three options throughout the month to watch the content they want to consume.
Source: TVision Total View

Note, Platform Reach indicates TV services households have viewed at least once within the specified time period.

Ad-Supported Apps Lead the Future of CTV

Data from TVision Total View shows that over half of the Time Spent Viewing CTV went to AVOD Apps and Apps that offer a combination of premium subscription-only and ad-supported tiers, such as those offered by Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Max.  In June viewers increased time spent on Hybrid, AVOD and FAST apps, while decreasing time with dMVPDs and MVPDs.

Source: TVision Total View

The Apps On America’s TVs

Disney+ returned to the top five on the strength of the new Marvel series "Secret Invasion" and Spiderman: Return to the Spider-Verse." At the very top of the list, YouTube continues to slowly close the gap with Netflix.

Source: TVision Total View

The CTV Content Types Engaging Viewers

While premium content is essential for engaging CTV viewers, a strong assortment of streaming library content is also valuable for application providers looking to attract more viewers. Here is a breakdown of where viewers spend their time across different types of content.

Shows vs. Movies

87% 13%
Shows Movies

Binged Shows vs. Weekly Release

83% 17%
Binge Release Weekly Release


Original vs. Syndicated Content

58% 42%
Original Syndicated

New Shows vs. Older Shows

11% 89%
New Shows Older Shows

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Methodology & Metrics

TVision measures Viewer Presence and Attention for every second of programming and advertising on television. Every time a person walks into the room, our technology detects who the viewer is, where they are in the room, and what their eyes are looking at. We do all this without personally identifying individual users, and without transmitting any images or videos. TVision’s data is collected from an opt-in panel of 5,000 homes across the United States and weighted to represent the country. All demographic data is self-reported by the respondents. Linear and CTV ad impressions data in this report is from May 1 – May 31, 2023 or May 29 – June 4, 2023, unless otherwise indicated.

About the TVision Power Score

The TVision Power Score is a completely new ranking designed to factor in both viewership and engagement when measuring the performance of CTV programming. The Power Score is based on the industry’s most comprehensive view of the CTV landscape - TVision measures activity across over 1,000 apps - and enables an accurate understanding of the relative performance of CTV content across any app. This new way to understand show performance will enable industry watchers to more quickly identify trending content and CTV’s hottest programming and even uncover hidden gems distributed through smaller apps.

The TVision Power Score factors in four key metrics: the amount of time viewers pay attention to the program, the amount of program time available for the season, the program’s reach, as well as the application’s reach. This combination of metrics was chosen to enable a neutral look at the quality of programming and its unique, inherent ability to draw in viewers - regardless of the scale of the platform, or the program’s release schedule.

TVision Metrics

TVision Power Score: TVision's Power Score represents how engaged audiences are for any given program. Our formula looks at (Attentive seconds / Seconds Available) x (Program Reach per Season / Publisher Reach).

Share of Time Spent: Compares the distribution of time spent viewing the app or program relative to the selected variable.

Binge Release: Model in which multiple episodes in a season are released at the same time

Weekly Release: Model in which shows release one new episode in a season at a time over the course of several weeks

New Shows: Show has aired new episodes within the last 30 days Older Shows: Shows has not aired new episodes in the last 30 days

Original Content: Programs that are exclusive to a single platform

Syndicated Content/Streaming Library Content: Programs that airs on multiple CTV platforms or have their entire suite of content available.



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