The Brands and Ads That Captured Attention Best in March 2022

March 2022 featured a number of breakthrough advertising moments which we highlight below. This monthly report focuses on the top-performing brands for ad attention overall and the top ads for Creative Attention. If you're interested in how viewer engagement varies by program and platform, check out these links to see the top shows of March across Broadcast, Cable, and how audiences are spending their time across CTV apps and programs.

AT&T Nets a Creative Win with Coach K

The NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness, always provides a strong opportunity for brands to capture the attention of engaged sports fans. This year's event was no different. Whether fans were tuned in to watch their favorite team or root for America's underdog darlings from St. Peter's the event provided plenty of opportunities for brands to breakthrough.

In particular, AT&T capitalized on Duke men's basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski's long run through the tournament in his final season of a storied career. The ad "Lily + Coach K" in which the coach interviews for a job at the Verizon store captured the attention of men better than any other ad in March with a Creative Attention Score of 112.7. As a reminder,  TVision's Creative Attention Score (CAS) measures how well a specific piece of creative captures attention compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. This breakthrough score allows marketers to understand ad impact, and better predict wear-out. In the videos below we chart attention second-by-second - so you can better understand which creative elements draw the viewer's eyes to the screen. 


Among females, Red Bull's ad captured the highest attention in March. the "It Gives You Wiiings" ad notched a CAS of 114.2.


But the ad that captured the most attention overall in March came from Bailey's, with a CAS of 116.6. The "Hot Chocolate Guru" kept viewers engaged as she mixed the perfect spiked hot chocolate.


Brand Leaders for Attention Maximize Smart Creative with Effective Media Planning

We also measure overall ad attention. This metric reveals how a brand's TV ad campaigns performed for the month. To effectively breakthrough and capture attention to ads, marketers must combine the right mix of well-performing media, on the appropriate networks, apps, and dayparts, with creative that is relevant, and engaging. TVision's second-by-second, eyes-on-screen attention data enables marketers to understand just how well their ad campaigns and specific creative pieces are performing. 

Top 5 Brands for Ad Attention - March 2022

Pendulum, the probiotic for the management of Type 2 Diabetes, captured attention best in March 2022 with its advertisements, posting an impressive 43.6% ad attention. The typical linear TV ad captures 37% attention.  American Cruise Lines, Polestar, Pacific Life, and Great Call also made our list of Top 5 brands for capturing Ad Attention according to TVision data.

Brand Industry Ad Attention
Pendulum Health  43.60%
American Cruise Lines Travel  43.30%
Polestar Automotive  43.00%
Pacific Life Legal / Financial  42.30%
Great Call Technology 42.10%


Top Brands for Ad Attention - March 2022, By Industry

The lists below spotlight the brands that outperformed others in their industry when it comes to engaging audiences with attentive ads.

With Americans traveling and planning vacations more now than during the past two years, the travel industry is investing heavily in advertising. American Cruise Lines, AirBnB and Viking Cruises all achieved ad attention that is well above the overall linear average. Take a look at the lists below to see other leaders in attention by industry.

Don't see your brand? Contact us to see how your ads performed

American Cruise Lines 43.3%   Flex Seal 40.10%
Airbnb 41.80%   Simparica Trio 39.80%
Viking Cruises 39.80%   Zoetis




Consumer Cellular 38.60%   Pendulum 43.6
Mint Mobile 38.30%   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 40.30%
Verizon 36.80%   Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 40.30%
Ruggable 39.90%   Pacific Life 42.3
Solo Stove 39.80%   J.G. Wentworth 40.70%
1-800-FLOWERS.COM 39.50%   Aflac 40.00%
Firstleaf 41.40%   Tropical Smoothie Cafe 38.60%
Metamucil 38.70%   Freshly 37.70%
Boar’s Head 37.50%   Chic-fil-A 37.50%
Polestar 43%   Great Call 42.10%
Subaru 40.10%   Apple 40.00%
Volkswagen 39.70%   Google 37.70%


Lionsgate 41.10%   Del Webb 41.40%
Sony Pictures 40.30%   CDW 40.00%
InnoGames 40.00%   Pulte Home Company 39.70%


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