The CTV Shows That Engaged Audiences in March 2022

In the competitive race for subscribers, CTV apps must rely on compelling content that brings in viewers. In the lists below, we use TVision's CTV metrics, including Share of Time Spent, Attention, Co-Viewing Rate, and Binge Rate to provide insights into how well CTV content engages its audience.  As a sneak peek, in March 2022 Inventing Anna and Bridgerton on Netflix topped the list in terms of programming that viewers spent the most time watching.

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The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Share of Time Spent - March 2022

We typically see new releases top the charts for Share of Time Spent on CTV, which reveals the proportion of time viewers spent watching a program in comparison to all other time spent viewing original episodic content. Netflix programs do particularly well because of the apps' market-leading household reach.  Its large subscriber base means more potential viewers can engage with the content.  Highly promoted and anticipated shows often top our list of Share of Time Spent for the first month after their release. 

Program  Application Share of Time Spent
Inventing Anna (S1) Netflix 19%
Bridgerton (S2) Netflix 12%
Pieces of Her (S1) Netflix 11%
Love Is Blind (S2) Netflix 7%
Is It Cake? (S1) Netflix 5%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Attention Index - March 2022

Our Attention Index identifies how viewers paid attention to programming compared to the average show. The average linear TV program scores a 100 on the Index. CTV programming typically indexes higher than linear, and the shows that make our Top Five each month really stand out. 

Program  Application Attention Index
Lies and Deceit (S1) Netflix 159.0
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (S2) Netflix 146.1
Star Trek: Picard (S1) Paramount+ 145.4
Pieces of Her (S1) Netflix 141.9
The Dropout (S1) Hulu 141.6


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Co-Viewing Rate - March 2022

These are the shows that viewers watched together in March 2022. Our Co-Viewing-Rate measures the percent of time viewers watched the program with more than one person in the room. TVision's person-level insights enable measurement of CTV co-viewing and can provide brands and apps with accurate co-viewing multiples. 

Program Application Co-Viewing Rate
Pam & Tommy (S1) Hulu 73%
Making Fun (S1) Netflix 69%
Our Flag Means Death (S1) HBO Max 69%
The Righteous Gemstones (S2) HBO Max 67%
Is It Cake? (S1) Netflix 67%


The Top CTV Original Episodic Programs, By Binge Watching Rate - March 2022

These are the programs that viewers were most likely to consume in sessions of three or more episodes at a time. These shows are typically shorter - 30 minutes or less - and lighter content. Cartoons, like The Cuphead Show on Netflix generally perform well in this category. 

Program Application Binge Watch Rate
Judy Justice (S1) IMDB TV 51%
The Cuphead Show! (S1) Netflix 49%
The Boys Presents: Diabolical (S1) Amazon 49%
The Legend of Vox Machina (S1) Amazon 49%
Raising Dion (S2) Netflix 46%


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