The Ads That Captured Attention in February 2022

February provides TV advertising's biggest stage - the Super Bowl - but since the big game is such an anomaly for ad engagement, we excluded Super Bowl ads from our monthly ranking and instead analyzed the performance of commercials that aired more frequently throughout the month.  If you're interested in which Super Bowl ads were most engaging, check out our separate analysis here

Below we provide insights into two different metrics.

TVision's Creative Attention Score (CAS) measures how well a specific piece of creative captures attention compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. This breakthrough score allows marketers to understand ad impact, and better predict wear-out. Below we provide the top ads for February 2022 based on CAS for male, female and general audiences.

We also measure overall ad attention. This metric reveals how a brand's TV ad campaigns performed for the month. To effectively breakthrough and capture attention to ads, marketers must combine the right mix of well-performing media, on the appropriate networks, apps, and dayparts, with creative that is relevant, and engaging. TVision's second-by-second, eyes-on-screen attention data enables marketers to understand just how well their ad campaigns and specific creative pieces are performing. Below, we highlight the top five advertisers based on ad attention.

Top Ads by Creative Attention Score

In February, ads from AirWick, Arby's and CarMax broke through to capture attention, meaning the creative was engaged and relevant to its audience. Blue Buffalo captured attention from men, and Cascade from women in the month.

Creative Attention Score measures an ad's ability to break through compared to other ads that ran in the same pod. Check out the second by second analysis of how the Air Wick ad engaged attention. 

Air Wick

Top Ad, Overall

Air Wick

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 10.59.57 AM

#2 Top Ad Overall


Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.02.36 AM

#3 Top Ad, Overall


Blue Buffalo

Top Ad, Male

Blue Buffalo


Top Ad, Female


Top Brands for Ad Attention

We also measure how well a brand captures attention across all its TV campaigns. This insight helps marketers understand how their ad investments measure up against competitors, and how efficient their overall campaigns are at engaging consumers. In February 2022, brands like Bausch & Lomb, Apple, Pacific Life, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Viking Cruises all broke through with campaigns and creative that engaged audiences. Beyond those top five performers, we've also included the brands that performed best within their specific industries.

Ad Attention reflects the percent of attention viewers pay to a brand's campaigns. The average TV ad captures 41% attention on linear TV.


Bausch + Lomb

Apple Logo


pacific life

Pacific Life


Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Viking Cruises

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