How T-Mobile Uncovered Demographic Differences in Audience Attention

If your brand knows which audiences are paying attention to your messaging—alongside when their attention is captured—you’re able to understand which creative elements really resonate with your target demographics. Through our second-by-second analysis of viewer attention for a recent T-Mobile advertisement, TVision was able to show that female viewers paid 23% more attention than male viewers overall.

You can see the analysis of the T-Mobile iPhone ad below. The commercial follows two parents taking a walk by the sea who learn, via Instagram on their phone, that their son has skipped college orientation to attend a beach party instead.


Our second-by-second data showed that women paid 23% more attention than men to the ad overall, and that music cues and segments featuring the beach setting created attention spikes from both men and women. Audiovisual cues, such as when the featured college student snaps a picture to post online, drew more attention from women.   

Additionally, elements that captured attention from both men and women included a buy-one-get-one-free offer midway through the ad, alongside a text-message audiovisual cue toward the ad’s close.

For brands like T-Mobile, understanding if your target audience is the one paying attention to your ad can help you better understand the impact of your creative, and understand where to invest for future campaigns.

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TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report