The TV Shows and Apps that Delivered Ad Attention in June 2022

Major Primetime broadcast hits like "This Is Us" wrapped in May leaving open an opportunity for new programming to top the list for Primetime Ad Attention. We see this trend play out every summer as networks replace dramas and sitcoms with less-scripted content.  In June , reality TV,  game shows, and competitions topped our lists of programming where audiences paid attention to ads.  

Ad Attention is a metric that helps advertisers understand the relative value of placements across CTV and Linear. Because advertisers can buy at the program level on linear, but not on CTV, it makes sense to review program attention data for Broadcast and Cable networks, and app-level attention data for ad-supported applications. 

TVision's Ad Attention metric measures how well a program keeps viewers' eyes on the screen during commercial breaks. The average ad attention for linear television is 37% and 31% for CTV.

Want more data? Check out the top advertisements of the month, or the top shows on CTV.

Top Primetime Broadcast Programs for Ad Attention - June 2022

"Jeopardy!" on ABC is the type of show that demands attention - a fast-paced game where viewers are just as engaged in guessing the answers as the contestants, so it's no surprise that we often see it make our Top 5 for Ad Attention as viewers stay tuned in during commercial breaks. In June 2022, it's joined on our list by another game show - "Let's Make a Deal" (CBS).  

Program Network Ad Attention
Jeopardy! ABC 47.0%
Transplant NBC 46.3%
America Ninja Warrior NBC 43.1%
Let's Make a Deal CBS 42.8%
Come Dance with Me CBS 41.2%


Top Primetime Cable Programs for Ad Attention - June 2022

Major news event in June 2022 contributed to viewers paying higher levels of attention to programs on Fox News, which landed two shows on our Cable Primetime Attention list. The senior demos, which comprise a significant portion of Fox News viewers, are also more likely to pay higher levels of attention to content across the board. 

Program Network Ad Attention
The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton Fox News 58.9%
All Rise Oprah Winfrey Network 50.9%
Fox News @Night with Shannon Bream Fox News 49.5%
Alone History Channel 48.6%
Mayans M.C. FX 48.1%


The Top AVOD Apps for Ad Attention - May 2022

Here we look at the AVOD and FAST apps that deliver the highest Ad Attention for 30-second ads in June 2022.  Paramount+ tops the list, boasting an ad attention score on par with linear TV. In general ad attention across CTV is increasing as the industry works hard to optimize inventory. 

Application Ad Attention
Paramount+ 37.9
The Roku Channel 35.9
Hulu 35.3
Peacock 31.70%
YouTube 27.2


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