The TV Shows and Apps that Delivered Ad Attention in November 2022

In the era of peak TV many of us think CTV and streaming programs first, but there is a lot of great programming across broadcast and cable capturing viewer attention. These top shows are reaching considerable audiences and delivering high levels of ad attention, making them consistently high-value inventory for advertisers.

In our monthly reports, we focus on Ad Attention for Broadcast, Cable, and CTV apps. Ad Attention is a metric that helps advertisers understand the relative value of placements across CTV and Linear. Because advertisers can buy at the program level on linear, but not on CTV, we've chosen to report program-level Attention data for Broadcast and Cable networks, and app-level Attention data for ad-supported CTV applications. 

TVision's Ad Attention metric measures how well a program keeps viewers' eyes on the screen during commercial breaks. The average ad attention for linear television is 37% and 34.5% for CTV.

Want more data? Check out the top advertisements of the month, or the top shows on CTV.

Top Primetime Broadcast Programs for Ad Attention - November 2022

What's the trick to capturing attention? Well, The CW may have found it with Criss Angel's Magic with the Stars, which delivered an astonishing 54.6% ad attention in November. The nature of the show - sleight of hand and illusions -  meant that viewers needed to pay close attention to try to catch the trick, and that translated to viewers staying attentive through the commercials. 

Program Network Ad Attention
Criss Angel's Magic With The Stars CW 54.60%
Bob (Hearts) Abishola CBS 50.90%
Young Sheldon CBS 48.20%
The Resident FOX 46.80%
The Rookie ABC 45.50%


Top Primetime Cable Programs for Ad Attention - November 2022

"Yellowstone", the acclaimed drama on CMTV proves that prestige programming is not the purview of streaming alone. The program delivers a strong 53.6% ad attention and a substantial audience tunes in as well. MTV programming also delivered above-average ad attention in November, with two programs making the top five - "Ridiculousness" and "MTV Cribs."

Program Network Ad Attention
Yellowstone CMTV 53.60%
Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel 51.10%
Ridiculousness MTV - Music Television 50.50%
MTV Cribs MTV - Music Television 49.20%
The Walking Dead AMC 49.00%


The Top AVOD Apps for Ad Attention - November 2022

Here we look at the AVOD and FAST apps that deliver the highest Ad Attention for 30-second ads in November 2022.  There is a large variance in ad attention among the top five apps. We also notice that ad attention rates vary month to month for each app - this is likely a result of the apps continuing to optimize their ad loads. As the apps firm up their ad strategies we can expect more consistency month to month, and ad attention rates fall in line with linear.

Application Ad Attention
The Roku Channel 37.40%
Hulu 36.70%
Youtube TV 30.40%
Peacock 29.50%
Paramount+ 27.90%


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