The TV Shows and Apps that Delivered Ad Attention in October 2022

October is a peak TV month as the seasons turn and viewers tune in to more television, including new shows across broadcast and cable, and major sports leagues either finish up (MLB) or get underway (NBA).  Audiences have a lot of great television to engage in, so the programs that stand out for ad attention do an excellent job of keeping viewers' eyes on the screen.

In our monthly reports, we focus on Ad Attention for Broadcast, Cable, and CTV apps. Ad Attention is a metric that helps advertisers understand the relative value of placements across CTV and Linear. Because advertisers can buy at the program level on linear, but not on CTV, it makes sense to review program Attention data for Broadcast and Cable networks, and app-level Attention data for ad-supported CTV applications. 

TVision's Ad Attention metric measures how well a program keeps viewers' eyes on the screen during commercial breaks. The average ad attention for linear television is 37% and 34.5% for CTV.

Want more data? Check out the top advertisements of the month, or the top shows on CTV.

Top Primetime Broadcast Programs for Ad Attention - October 2022

"Call Me Kat" on Fox, starring Mayim Bialik tops a list of fan favorites for ad attention in October 2022. The CW's new "Walker: Independence", a western drama, joins our list of top performers for ad attention for the first time. "Family Law" also a CW drama makes its first appearance on the list as well. Our Top Five for Broadcast Ad Attention typically features comedy, reality, and gameshows more than dramas, so these two CW shows stand out in their ability to engage audiences through commercials.

Program Network Ad Attention
Call Me Kat FOX 49.00%
Family Law CW 48.70%
Young Sheldon CBS 47.20%
Walker: Independence CW 47.00%
9-1-1 FOX 45.70%


Top Primetime Cable Programs for Ad Attention - October 2022

Typically, Cable programming performs better than Broadcast for Ad Attention, and this month's Cable Top Five all beats the top-performing Broadcast program. This reality is in part due to the more intentional viewing and smaller audiences found on cable channels.  

Program Network Ad Attention
Dr. Death USA Network 58.40%
Resident Alien SYFY 51.60%
Reginald the Vampire SYFY 51.20%
Welcome to Wrexham FX 51.00%
Roadworthy Rescues MotorTrend 50.00%


The Top AVOD Apps for Ad Attention - October 2022

Here we look at the AVOD and FAST apps that deliver the highest Ad Attention for 30-second ads in October 2022.  Once again Hulu, at 38.9%, leads the list and outperforms even the linear Ad Attention average of 36.5%.  In general ad attention across CTV is increasing as the industry works hard to optimize inventory. 

Application Ad Attention
Hulu 38.90%
Paramount 35.30%
Peacock 34.50%
YouTube TV 29.30%
Pluto TV 29.20%


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