TVision Insights’ Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report Identifies the TV Programming and Creative that Broke Through to Capture Viewer Attention in Q4, 2017

Report Shows the Impact of Creative Ad Triggers on Attention; Identifies Top Premieres of the Fall TV Season

BOSTON -  (February 15, 2018) – TVision Insights, the leader in measuring eyes-on-screen attention to every second of programming and advertising on television, today released its Q4 2017 Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report.

“By closely examining the data from the TVision panel, we identify which TV shows, ads and brands broke through and captured viewer attention,” explains Mark Green, Chief Strategy Officer at TVision Insights. “Because we track second-by-second, person-level attention we can pinpoint all the elements that contribute to an ad or program’s success. Those elements include the overall strength and contextual relevance of programming, co-viewing habits, demographic data, ad placement within its pod, and the impact of specific creative elements.”

The Q4 2017 Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report highlights how brands and shows performed in the critical fall premiere and holiday seasons. Spots from Chick-fil-A Catering (237.3), Robitussin (220.1) and the movie “Justice League” (207.6) captured the highest Creative Attention Scores (CAS) of all commercials during the quarter, meaning they best broke through within their pods.

The report also provides insight into attention rates by demographic and co-viewing patterns. A deep dive analysis of a selection of ads shows which creative triggers generated spikes in attention. Key takeaways include:

  • People Watched TV’s Top Attention-Grabbing Premieres with Others - The top premieres of the fall season scored well for attention even while co-viewed. Fox’s The Mick debut was co-viewed in almost 30% of households, and scored second-highest on the list.
  • Second-by-Second Analysis Shows How Attention to Ads Differs Across Demos - Progressive’s ad “Jamie’s Twin” used humor, auditory cues, and consistent branding to garner attention across genders.
  • Attention Data Identifies Commercial Moments that Drive Brand Recall - A case study on brand recall and ad length shows the importance of maintaining style and substance when cutting ads down for shorter formats. TVision’s analysis identifies exactly why a 15-second ad was less effective than the 30-second original.

All rankings and data are based off of TVision’s proprietary technology and panel. The company’s computer vision technology passively measures eyes-on-screen attention to content. The opt-in panel has installed proprietary, privacy-safe hardware & software allowing for passive monitoring of their television viewing behaviors. The result is person-level measurement data reported second-by-second. Media buyers and sellers both use TVision’s attention data to make smarter decisions around messaging, media plans, programming, and valuing inventory.

The data in this report was collected from September 25 - December 31, 2017, from panelists across the United States.

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TV and CTV Attention Report
The TV and CTV Attention Report