Viewer Attention Analysis Informs Creative Effectiveness

Logo Shown at High-Attention Spot Leads to High Brand Recall

You’re watching your favorite show when an ad for a juicy burger comes on TV. Your mouth is watering. Your stomach is rumbling. You want a burger. You’re sold. But how can the brand that spent millions on that ad be sure that you want their burger not just a burger?

That’s the question a well-known Quick Service Restaurant with a heavy reliance on TV advertising posed to TVision Insights.


The QSR ran three ads on both TV and digital. At first glance, all three spots in the QSR’s campaign performed equally well at standing out from surrounding commercials on TV. Using digital survey data, the brand revealed one commercial was consistently credited to a competing QSR. The advertiser asked TVision why.

Creative Attention Score

Use attention data to measure why brand recognition was attributed to a competitor’s ad.


The spot in question could be separated into three key parts:

Second-by-second creative analysis

A second spot in the campaign was accurately associated with the QSR brand. The difference? That ad had branding throughout moments of peak attention, leading to strong memorability performance.


QSR can now optimize their creatives to improve ROI using second-by-second viewer attention data.

Instead of featuring a logo sequence at the end when attention is waning, layer branding throughout (like pickles, lettuce, and tomato), and your results will be delicious.

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