Volkswagen's 'Hello Light' Second-by-Second Analysis

In the wake of a 2015 emissions scandal, Volkswagen recently made headlines with the release of their latest TV advertisement, "Hello Light," - unveiled during this year's NBA Finals.

The ad kicks off with an audible news clip of Volkswagen's scandal. This was a big risk, as many consumer had already moved past, or even forgotten the scandal. In the ad, VW quickly moved into an emotional redemption story, with a classic song, moving towards the brand's future: environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

When we heard about this ad at TVision, we were curious to see how VW's approach would resonate with consumers. 

Using our second-by-second, person-level data, we analyzed real-time reactions to Volkswagen's first airing during the NBA Finals. While engagement was light during dark moments early on, people's attention piqued as the ad picked up in key moments: when people heard Simon & Garfunkel, when the car-building began, when the new VW bus appeared, and at the logo reveal at the end.



We think this ad is a brave first step for Volkswagen, but what do you think? To learn how TVision can analyze your brand's media and creative strategy, contact us for a demo!


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