WARC Guide to CTV Helps Advertisers Navigate the Opportunity

The recent "WARC Guide to Connected TV: An exciting video opportunity" (paywall) is an excellent analysis of the challenges and possibilities available to advertisers this Upfront season and beyond. At TVision, we were honored to share our CTV advertising and performance data with WARC to aid them in creating this thorough examination of the market. 

In addition to providing an overview of CTV and its many terms, the full report, which can be accessed by WARC subscribers includes the following analysis:

  • Older viewers are moving to CTV -  WARC uses TVision's data, which was originally published in our 2021 State of CTV to explain that more than 50% of recent cord-cutters are 55+. 
  • Viewers embrace ad-supported TV - WARC pulls from the same TVision report to show that as of Q3 2021, viewers were spending more time on ad-supported apps than SVOD. 
  • Netflix still dominates, despite losses - TVision's data shows that Netflix remains the standout leader in Share of Time Spent Viewing, even as others chip away at its overall lead. For more analysis on Netflix position, read this recent blog post
  • Co-viewing impacts attention - Viewers pay different levels of attention to content based on who they are viewing with - this is called co-viewing and is an important measure of the true impact of a potential viewing session. WARC uses TVision's data to show that adults that watch content with at least one other adult pay higher attention than if they view it alone or with children. For a more complete analysis of CTV co-viewing check out TVision's recent report on the topic. 

    Lastly, TVision's CEO Yan Liu also contributed his own insights into the unique nature of CTV advertising as compared to linear (paywall.) In the article, he explains that CTV audiences pay lower attention than linear audiences, on average. But there is still a significant opportunity. Yan provides tips for maximizing CTV investments with careful planning based on attention across apps, content, co-viewing and demographics. With deeper insights advertisers can maximize their investments in CTV advertising and take advantage of the substantial opportunity to extend reach. 


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