June's Top TV Brands & Ads

TVision uncovered which brands had the greatest TV Attention and which ads had the greatest creative attention breakthrough.

It's officially summertime, and the month of June had many brands winning with TV audiences. Whether encouraging consumers to look great, go online, or simply enjoy something delicious, a handful of brands delivered the most engagement. By examining TV engagement metrics like Attention, we can better understand what's working best — and why.

TVision uses cutting-edge technology to uncover second-by-second, person-level TV engagement data. To learn more about TVision's metrics, methodology, competitive benchmarks, or even specific breakdowns, contact us for the data to solve your brand needs.  For a deeper dive on TV Attention and industry benchmarks, download the IPG Media Lab report at TVattention.com. 


TVision's Top Brands, by TV Attention

TV Attention represents the opportunity to see - how often consumers are in the room when a brand ad airs. So the brands with the best Attention scores means they are making smart media-buying decisions - at the network, program and daypart level. These brand ads are airing when their audiences are staying in the room during ad breaks.

TVision's Top Brands, by TV Attention

JUNE 2019

Brand Ad Attention* (%)
1. Sonicare 79.3%
2. HPV.com 79.2%
3. PreserVision 78.5%
4. Vuse Alto 78.4%
5. Febreze 78.4%

Oral care brand Sonicare was the top Attention winner — almost 10-points above the total industry average. Not far behind was HPV.com and PreserVision, with E-Cigarette Vuze Alto and Febreze rounding out the pack. While these above brands were best at planning for a Viewable audience, Attention only tells half the story.


TVision's Top Ads, by Attention

To rank June's top 5 ads, we leveraged Creative Attention Score (CAS), also known as "Creative Breakthrough". These are the brand ads that drove the greatest audience engagement - isolated from the effects of media placement. And since only TVision can measure person-level data, we broke out June's Top 5 Ads for Women and June's Top 5 Ads for Men. For each category's #1 ad, you can also watch a second-by-second analysis - breaking out even gender-specific Attention for the #1 Women's and Men's ads. 

June's Top Ads - Overall

#1: McDonald's - 'McDelivery Doorbell' (116.4 Creative Attention Score): What's better than McDonalds? How about if it shows up at your door? This partnership with McDonald's and Uber Eats was a winner, especially for older and younger audiences.




TVision's Top Ads (by Attention, Overall)

JUNE 2019

Brand  Ad Name Creative Attention Score* (CAS)
1. McDonald's 'McDelivery Doorbell' 116.4
2. Ram 1500 'On to Bigger Things' 110.5
3. Walgreens 'Save Your Skin' 110.2
4. Mr. Clean Clean Freak 'Stop Struggling' 109.1
5. Pedigree 'Therapy' 109.1


June's Top Ads - Women

#1: Wayfair - 'Game Changer' (111.0 Creative Attention Score, Women Only): From the start, this ad is clearly all-female attention. However, neither male or female attention grows during the ad, it remains consistent throughout, with women paying more attention than men.


TVision's Top Ads (by Attention, Women)

JUNE 2019

Brand Ad Name Creative Attention Score* (CAS)
1. Wayfair 'Game Changer' 111.0
2. Mr. Clean Clean Freak 'Stop Struggling' 109.6
3. Allstate 'Car Thief' 109.3
4. AT&T 'Perfect Couple' 107.6
5. Lexus 'Attention' 107.2


June's Top Ads - Men

#1: Progressive - 'School of Hard Lefts' (109.5 Creative Attention Score, Men Only): Progressive's commercial has everything: rock music, explosions, and Jamie in his Progressive smock! Take a look at male attention in the video below:



TVision's Top Ads (by Attention, Men)

JUNE 2019

Brand Ad Name Creative Attention Score* (CAS)
1. Progressive 'School of Hard Lefts' 109.5
2. Dairy Queen 'DQ Cheeseburger Lovers' 109.0
3. Allstate '4-Way Observation' 107.7
4. GEICO 'Karaoke Music' 107.2
5. GEICO 'Drifter' 106.9



Metrics & Methodology

TV Attention: The percentage of ad impressions where a viewer was in the room for two or more seconds. Learn more about TV Attention here.

Creative Attention Score (CAS): The index of ad attention compared to the average attention of all other creative that aired in the same commercial pods. Also known as "Creative Breakthrough." Learn more about TVision creative measurement here.

How does TVision measure what was once unmeasurable? Learn more about our TV measurement methodology here.

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