TVision's Tips for Using Attention to Maximize Ad Engagement

In our four-part series, Top Tips for Attention, we share tried and true best practices for how to build smarter campaigns and optimize ad performance using attention metrics. 

We all know ads work best when people pay attention. For our clients, TVision Attention data has been a critical element helping them run more efficient and effective media plans.

In our Top Tips for Attention, we unlock the best practices, tricks, and case studies for using Attention data to:

  • Build smarter media plans - Use attention data to find the right day parts, networks and programs to reach an engaged audience. 
  • Plan, adjust, and optimize campaigns on the fly - With attention data it is easy to identify where ads are working - capturing the attention of audiences - and where they are going ignored. Use this data to make changes in-flight to ensure the most successful campaign.
  • Gain competitive insights- With transparent access to every second of TV and CTV programming and ads, marketers can keep pace with competitors, learn from best practices and react accordingly to stay top of mind. 
  • Make apples-to-apples comparisons across linear and CTV - With media sellers bundling TV and CTV, and advertisers wanting to get the most value for their budget, it's important to compare all TV and CTV inventory in a balanced way. TVision's attention data breaks down the walled gardens so that advertisers can compare CTV placements to linear and other CTV applications. 
  • Anticipate and react to ad wearout - Every ad wearsout, but in its own time. With attention data marketers can understand when an ad will begin to wear out and be prepared with the right creative and campaign plan to mitigate the issue. 
  • Match creative with the right programming - An ad's creative strength is only part of the equation for a successful ad. Marketers can leverage attention data to identify the programs, networks and dayparts where specific creative performs best.
  • Maximize campaign performance with attention guarantees - Attention Guarantees improve the value and impact of TV campaigns. Marketers can partner with their agencies and network sellers to use TVision data to ensure ad campaigns deliver engaged viewers, which improves brand recall and overall business outcomes. 


Download the full report and start using Attention to improve your CTV and linear ad performance.