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Does Home Field Advantage Matter to Viewers?

This year’s All-Star Game missed the mark on attention. The Attention Index for this years game was nearly 20 points lower than last year, signaling a less interested audience, even though ratings were similar for both years. Dull game? Did removing home-field advantage affect desire to watch closely? Lack of star power? You be the […]

The Triple Crown of Attention

While a horse did not win the Triple Crown this year, we sought to find out if an advertiser had won the Triple Crown of Attention. We looked at the total attentive seconds captured by each brand during each race: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Take a look at the results below. Curious how you […]

over the top

Measuring OTT Viewership and Attention Just Got Easier With TVision

When it comes to consuming content on TV, there are now more options than ever – Over The Top (OTT), Broadcast and Cable all compete for our attention. From the TV set to tv-connected devices, viewers of all ages and income levels can pick and choose how, and when, they watch content. Where user choice […]

Attention Madness

While you were filling out your bracket, joining your office pool, and cheering on your alma mater, we were doing what we do best: measuring eyes on screen attention to every second of television. Here’s what we found: Capital One’s “Steaks” had the highest Attention Index of all ads during the tournament College-age viewers (18-24) had the highest […]

Championship Recap: All Eyes on UNC as They Earn 6th NCAA Title

What an ending! Despite attention favoring Gonzaga, UNC took the title home, net and all. Even though the game aired past 9PM for east coast fans, the championship game still dominated attention when compared to the Elite 8 and Final Four. The game itself was certainly a thriller. Take a look at our second-by-second analysis […]

March Madness Elite 8 and Final Four Recap: Elite 8 Captures More Attention

Tonight, two No. 1 seeds square off for the championship, only the 8th time in tournament history. As we gear up for what’s sure to be a great close to March Madness, we analyzed how the Elite 8 and Final Four fared at capturing viewer attention. Our findings were surprising. Despite two incredible Final Four games, […]

March Madness Sweet Sixteen Recap: Keep Your Eyes on UNC and Gonzaga

The past two days delivered some of the most exciting basketball of the tournament. Thursday saw 3 of 4 games decided by 3 points or less, while Friday viewers had to wait until the late game to see Wisconsin’s dream run come to an end. Here is the full rank of attention by game. One […]

March Madness Weekend Recap: Florida vs. Virginia Generate Highest Attention

Your bracket may be busted, but that doesn’t mean you stopped paying attention. The departure of pre-tournament favorites Villanova and Duke was a shock, but the story of the weekend has to go to our round 1 attention heroes, Xavier, who delivered their second upset, in three days. We now have a few days to catch […]

March Madness Day 2 Recap: Prime Time Gets Prime Attention

Day Two of NCAA March Madness 2017 is in the books.  Once again, here is the full rank of attention, by game. Despite the closest games taking place in the first half of the day, America was glued to the screen during prime time.  One day 2 story is Wichita State’s upset victory over 7th seeded Dayton. Wichita […]

March Madness Day 1 Recap: Xavier Captures 22% More Attention Than Average

Whether you’re a devoted fan or casual office pool participant, it’s certainly that time of year again: March Madness. Perhaps you’re wearing collegiate gear to cheer on your team. Or perhaps, like our Head of Product, you’re dressed like a leprechaun to celebrate the Fighting Irish’s narrow escape on day one of this year’s NCAA March […]